FINE large size three row roller slewing bearing is often used in the steel plant for steel ladle turret furnace, high performance sealing and lubrication system as well as the special cage should be required.Our design in this field greatly increase the safety of using.

Ladle turret supporting the three-row cylindrical roller slewing bearing which is used to deliver ladle cross and supporting the ladle casting equipment in the steel continuous casting machine, casting position above the ladle turret. By the base, the rotary arm, drives, slewing, accident-driven control system, lubrication system, it is one of the key equipment of the continuous casting machine, plays an important role in connecting the upper and lower two processes. Ladle turret rotation is basically both sides of the ladle, ladle unilateral, both sides of the ladle three cases, a single ladle weight over 140 tons. Three cases, the ladle turret force are very different, but no matter under what circumstances, and must ensure that the ladle turret rotation is smooth, accurate positioning, starts and stops to minimize the impact of the mechanical parts, In order to reduce tundish level fluctuation and temperature drop, to shorten the rotation time.