FINE bearing can manufacture slewing rings for stacker reclaimers, bucket wheel stacker&reclaimer application in mining where compact and reliable solutions are required for an aggressive environment. The high capacity of the FINE slewing rings is obtained by the control of the hardening process of the raceways and the gear.
Double rows of balls for heavy loads and compact solution or combination of rollers and ball for very high axial loads and moments as well as small radials efforts.Ball and roller combined and three row roller slewing bearings with diameter over 3 meters are generally designed for stacker and reclaimer. These bearings features in long life, high load capacity and high performance anti-dust sealing designed because they have to be worked for heavy-duty application in extremely dirty environmental condition.
Reclaimer supporting wheel bearings, ball column combination wheel bearings,turbine supporting wheel bearing of stacker-reclaimers is modern industrial bulk disperses the shape material for loading and unloading of efficient equipment, at present has been used widely in port and dock, metallurgy, cement, steel mills, coking plant, power plants and bulk material (ore, coal, coke, sandstone) storage yard pile of take homework.