FINE bearing provide yaw, blade/pitch bearing and yaw bearing to our customers reliably. FINE wind turbine generator bearing is for 3KW-5MW wind turbine.Each wind turbine generator comprises of one yaw bearing and three pitch bearings, the material of the rolling rings is 42CrMo with quenching and tempering. Raceway surface intermediate frequency induction hardened. Due to complexity of the stress situation, the bearing must bear impact and carry high load. 20 years is a required lifetime for the wind turbine generator, it is also required by yaw bearing and pitch bearings as the mounting cost is too high.

Pitch bearing is mounted between the connection of blade root and wheel hub. Blade bearings of wind turbines are being challenged by bigger rotors including the trend to continuous pitching.

The yaw bearing is the most crucial and cost intensive component of a yaw system found on modern horizontal axis wind turbines, which must cope with enormous static and dynamic loads and moments during the wind turbine operation, and provide smooth rotation characteristics for the direction of the nacelle under all weather conditions. It has also to be corrosion and wear resistant and extremely long lasting. It should last for the service life of the wind turbine while being cost effective.Yaw bearing is mounted between the connection of tower and cabin.