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    Douglas E. Fine, PE has been designing septic systems with peat moss biofilters and introducing these systems at local board of health meetings ever since the NJDEP approved their use in April of 2005. Doug has been aggressively reaching out to local townships because the new peat biofilter technology gives him the flexibility to engineer and design septic systems that help eliminate numerous obstacles homeowners face due to local soil conditions and high water tables. Doug has been able to design peat moss septic systems that either eliminate or greatly reduce the need for a mound where a conventional septic system design would have required an unsightly mound that in situations could be as tall as 7 feet.

    Doug has worked hand in hand with the manufacturers Peat Biofilters to assure that their technology and components will properly adapt to the local conditions and township requirements. Doug is currently working with a much needed effluent disposal concept into New Jersey called Drip Irrigation. Again, he has taken the initiative to work hand in hand with the NJDEP to assure proper introduction and use of a new technology. Drip irrigation will give tremendous flexibility in design to create a septic system that is very friendly to the environment.

    Douglas E. Fine, PE is a graduate of the College of Engineering , Rutgers University , New Brunswick , New Jersey . He earned a B.S. in Bio-Environmental Engineering from the Bioresource Engineering Department and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the state of New Jersey . He has been designing, inspecting, troubleshooting and solving wastewater issues since 1996 and has become a septic system expert.


Septic System Expert


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