FINE slewing bearing is special high precision bearing that be used in CT Machines. We have our own technology to produce this kind of machine for many years. High quantity and high precision are very important to this kind bearing.
FINE slewing rings dedicated to medical applications are designed for a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation controlled in our chamber, specifically for radiotherapy applications. FINE also supplies Slewing Ring for pharmaceutical industry for all production steps, mixing, filling, cleaning.The perfect circularity and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements.
We also propose innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment such as “white room” class.The utility model provides a steel wire raceway type slewing bearing for a medical CT scanner, which belongs to the slewing bearings, and is characterized in that the radial central line of each raceway is taken as the dissection surface, an outer ring is divided into a step-type upper outer ring and a step-type lower outer ring, the upper outer ring is screwed in the lower outer ring via threaded connection and is fixed through radially screwing a bolt.The utility model has convenient assembly and maintenance, smooth operation, high rotational speed, and low noise.