FINE designed the wire raceway slewing bearing using special material which is light enough for tank and other military equipment. This kind wire raceway bearing was exported to Indian customer, and got customer great satisfaction. FINE engineers and professors adopt special structure and material making the total of each piece is only 120kg.
This special construction principle produces an extremely compact bearing, which also suits very small spaces. Another plus: the low friction and high load capacity of our Wire Race Bearings reduce energy consumption.
FINE slewing ring has a strong reputation with radar and antennae for civil and military applications. We manufacture steel, aluminum bearings for the most demanding and prestigious customers in the world, matching the highest technical requirement.
Our precision is obtained by a specific process of grinding. Our design office proposes specific solutions for all types of environments. Capacity, low torque, stiffness, high rotating speed and precision in rough environments are our main characteristics.
FINE manufactures highly specific slewing rings in material matching light weight combine with high capacity for Military application.Our expertise and professional calculation allows us to propose the most innovative solution.