FINE wire race way ball bearing can sustain forces from whatever directions.The rings have the advantage that they fit themselves tightly into the bearing rings of the mating structure and compensate machining tolerances. With this technology high precision even if large bearing diameter is achieved. They are convenient and economical to use .The new process aimed at tightly matching between steel ball and race ways .Thus the load ,the capacity,and precision of the bearing elements are increased and they are better adapted to particular demands .
There are four types of the wire race ball bearing:single row four point wire-race ball bearing,double row four point wire-race ball bearing,single row axial four point wire raceway ball bearing and tow row four point wire raceway ball bearing.
FINE wire-race ball bearings are ideally suitable for particular applications such as under clean room, high temperature ,or vacuum conditions .At the same time ,the customers can planned the particular bearings according to their requirements .We are rich in excellent experience and products series. Therefore, we are fully able to meet the customers’ requirements about the standard or non-standard.